Mixed Camino

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Mixed Camino: walking & cycling the Way

How to do the Way? Walking or cycling?

Walking & Cycling the Camino. For those who can't decide if do it on foot or by bike. You can walk a part and cycle another.

With a Mixed tour your Camino will be more funny. You can do more  Camino, visit more towns  in less days.

On your arrival at the first  hotel booked with us you will find the bikes you have rented. At the end of the Way you will need to leave them at the hotel  where your cycling itinerary ends. Then you will continue walking your Camino.

Included with your bike rental: helmet (rental) + water-bottle holder + bike pump + tools + rear flashlights (just in case you are thinking of riding at night, which is not advisable).

Mixed Camino: cycling and walking from Roncesvalles to Santiago

1900.00 €

New!: Mixed Camino, walking & cycling the Way: 6 walking stages + 7 cycling stages and 8 walking stages

Mixed Camino: cycling & walking from Pamplona to Santiago

1560.00 €

French Camino 10 days cycling and 7 days walking

Mixed Camino: cycling & walking from Burgos to Santiago

1050.00 €

7 day cycling and 5 days walking from Burgos to Santiago

Mixed Camino: cycling & walking from Leon to Santiago

900.00 €

4 days cycling from Leon to Sarria and 5 days walking to cover the last 100 km of the French Camino

Mixed Camino: cycling & walking from Sarria to Finisterre

690.00 €

Walking the last 100 km of the French Camino and then cycling to enjoy the


All bicycles leave Caminando Caminando after a full service, in very good condition, and in special packaging, but, on occasions, they may be damaged during transport. When you remove the bicycle from its special packaging, check it well and if you find any problem, call the telephone numbers below immediately. Once you have started on your route, you are responsible for all repairs, without exception.

ASSEMBLING THE BICYCLE-The bicycles are transported with the pedals removed and the handlebars turned. It is very important that the pedals are fitted properly (right and left) and the screws tightened as shown in the instructions attached to the handlebar. Do not touch any others.

REPAIRS- As stated above, Caminando Caminando. is responsible for any faults found on collecting the bicycle, but not for any occurring once you have started on your route. It would be impossible to be able to control the way each user handles the bicycle. What Caminando Caminando can do is provide a customer service to tell you where the nearest repair shop is in your vicinity, and that you can go to without having to wait in a queue, and where, knowing that you are a customer of ours, you will not be overcharged. All repairs occurring during the hire period are the responsibility of the customer, except for those due to a manufacturing fault, and which will be judged by the report from the repair shop together with the manufacturer BH.

HANDLING THE BICYCLE. You can help by using simple maintenance and cleaning routines for the most sensitive parts of the bicycle: gear change, front derailleur, brakes, tyres and pinions. This simple care will prevent breakdowns and help to being able to continue providing a full service to users. In order to offer a service that meets quality standards, please put the complete tool kit in the transparent bag provided, also the helmet and padlock with key, in order for them to be cleaned for reuse in the best possible condition by future users.

TRAFFIC AND SAFETY LAWS Caminando Caminando inform you that, as a user of the bicycle, you must respect and comply with traffic regulations, not forgetting that "Not knowing the laws does not exempt you from complying with them". If you need more details about them, we could send them to you.

The user is responsible for the bicycle rented. If a bicycle is abandoned at a hostel, hotel or any other premises than the above, and disappears, the user must pay the corresponding charges.

As a user of the service, you are aware of and accept the rules.

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