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Immersion courses on the Way

Learn Spanish or English on the Camino


If you would like to practice one of the foreign languages you are learning, i.e. English or Spanish, we have the perfect setting for you to do so. Learn English or Spanish whilst you walk the last 100 km of the Camino – the Way of Saint James, on the French Route from Sarria.
This is the perfect opportunity to boost your knowledge of the language with over 50 hours of intensive English or Spanish , accompanied by qualified teachers during the entire week.


Learn Spanish on the Camino - Aprende inglés en el Camino - GRUPO 1 - students

695.00 €

Practice English or Spanish in a unique environment: the Way of Saint James. Over 50 hours in contact with the language

Learn Spanish on the Camino-Aprende inglés en el Camino - GROUP 2 adults

780.00 €

Practice English in a unique environment: the Way of Saint James. Over 50 hours of language learning

Learn Spanish on the Camino- Aprende inglés en el Camino - GRUPO 3 - in charming accommodations

1075.00 €

1000.00 €
Practice your English or Spanish in a unique environment: the Way of Saint James. Over 50 hours of language learning


The Camino is a mini version of the League of Nations, with pilgrims converging on Santiago via different routes. Whilst they walk, pilgrims converse, forging friendships and exchanging life stories and experiences. The two major languages used to communicate are Spanish, for obvious geographical reasons, and English, the lingua franca in today’s world.

Daily schedule
Our end customers walk the Camino in the mornings, as normal. They are accompanied by a qualified teacher in small groups of 6-10 people. The groups interact with the teacher as they walk, discussing current affairs, explaining their reasons for doing the Camino. The teacher provides them with cultural and historical information about the places to be visited, as well as encouraging the group to talk to other pilgrims on the way, so they can practice their English or Spanish throughout the day.

In the afternoon, when the pilgrims have arrived at their destination for the night, a group class is given to correct any of the mistakes detected by the teacher during the morning sessions, and to work on reading comprehension, grammar issues and writing. These classes are also used to plan the following day’s activities with vocabulary, useful expressions, etc. and are also a forum for students to put across any queries they may have.

Immersion continues at dinner, which is included in the packages, and is compulsory. The group gets together to sample the local food and continues to speak in the language they are learning.

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