Other Camino

Other Camino

The last 100km to Santiago de Compostela, the final section of the Camino Frances is the most traditional of all the pilgrims\' ways! but is not the unique Camino..

There are several "last 100km", different final sections.

First of all we explain why "the last 100 km":The Pilgrims Office in Santiago welcomes pilgrims to the city and issues pilgrim certificate. This is called the "Compostela" certificate, which means that the pilgrim has finished in Santiago and has walked at least the last 100km or  at least the last 200km if he has gone by bike.

But there are other Caminos that end in Santiago, and they are also fantastic and not so busy as the French Way:

Portuguese Way: from the Spanish/Portuguese border, Tui, is a beautiful and  quiet way.
If you start in A Guarda (Coastal Portuguese Way) you have a stunning alternative to the traditional Portuguese Camino

English Way from Ferrol: from north to south in Galicia. The English Way is a very beautiful Camino, crossing a natural reserve. This is a great alternative to the best seller, the French Way.

Primitive or Original  Way from Lugo: The oldest Camino of Santiago this is now considered by many to be the route of greatest beauty, yet not too crowded, but it is not easy.

The Northern Way: is the most historical route. Is not so busy as the French Way, quite the opposite. For this reason it does not have an big  infrastructure focused on pilgrims.

Silver Way from Ourense: also called Camino Sanabres, there are many reasons why pilgrims would want to choose this route, for its beauty, tranquillity and, because it is unlikely to become overcrowded. Even if the worst aspects of this Camino are the high temperatures reached in summer in Ourense.


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